NFT Raffler

by BitLift

Inspired by @eBoy's @Blockbob collection, now you can raffle off your NFT's on Rarible & OpenSea! To run a raffle, simply tell your followers:

  1. When your raffle begins
  2. How many Ethereum blocks your raffle will last
  3. How much they should bid (optional)
  4. How many NFTs you're raffling off

Once time is up, start the raffle. Winners will be chosen and shown below!

Questions? Comments? Ideas? Ping @BitLift on Twitter, hop into the #nftz-ftw channel on the BitLift Discord and checkout our roadmap.

The URL of the NFT you want to raffle off.

Only accept bids greater than or equal to this ETH amount.

How many bidders will win an NFT?

How many Ethereum blocks should the raffle last? Starting with the block the NFT was minted in. Blocks are mined roughly every 15 seconds.

  • 🎟 Each step of the raffle will appear here

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! As long as they appear on OpenSea or Rarible you can raffle them.
We're using the blockchain, so let's tell time with blocks! Roughly every 15 seconds, a miner on the Ethereum network mines a block. So for example, 100 blocks times 15 seconds equals 1,500 seconds which equals 25 minutes.

Some blocks are a little faster, and some blocks are a little slower. So the timing is an estimate.

If you want to run your raffle at specific time of day, then when that time comes, "Use current block" to accept every bid up to that point.
To mine an Ethereum block, miners have to guess a very long number (for example: 15,288,471,551,450,330,000) in accordance with the networks current difficulty rate. They make millions of guesses per second. The miner who guesses the winning number wins the block reward!

This raffle uses the winning number (known as the nonce) from block the raffle is run on to generate the randomness.

We divide the nonce by the difficulty rate to create a new random number. Then we loop through the bidders this amount of times to find the winner! If you are giving away 10 NFTs, the next 9 bidders are chosen as well.
If you share the link provided at the end of the raffle, the results will always be the same. But if you re-run the raffle there's a chance you'll get different results.

If the "Current Block" is used, then a different nonce is used to create a random number which means the results will be different.

If a specific block time is selected, it could still change if bids are canceled or expired. A different number of bidders would produce different results.
We promise :) But also, if you know how to read javascript you can audit the live code here.